Saturday, 10 July 2010

9. Week 1 - Friday 9th July

Day 6 -

When the site had been opened up and Bob ready for action, Roger talked to the group about resistivity and demonstrated how to use the resistivity meter. Three of the students were then delegated to set up 3 x 10m squares and to use the resistivity meter on these.
Meanwhile Danny and Alex returned to the planning of the area of the lower wall which they had started yesterday and the rest of the team continued to dig. There were fewer finds today, and nothing exciting, just the usual pieces of bone. However, the site is now looking beautifully clean and tidy!

In the afternoon Elizabeth, Luke and Jo set up 12 x 1 metre squares in the area below the site (DJ) and began to dig 3 of these, collecting finds and soil for sampling. The other students continued with their allotted tasks, but obviously the end of the week feeling had set in – they are ready for their well earned day off tomorrow.

Don had taken a day off today and rumour has it that he was off on a 20 mile hike! The finds team is to change tomorrow, with Ruth and Chris. finishing tonight, and Jane and Alan taking over the reins. Jane will also take over the daily blog.

Ruth Spencer

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