Wednesday, 28 July 2010

24. Saturday 24 July 2010

The drums slowly beat, flags are furled and a weary band make their final assault of that hill – Sue, Amy, Rebecca, Roger, Pat and myself are the tattered remnants!

So back to work at Chapel House Wood for the last time this year – as there was still more planning required for the bone trench, and the revetment further upslope needed to be completely recorded; however our consolidated attack saw an end to this three-day demanding task. The day was fine with a light breeze blowing across the hillside so we were able to take down the other tent and pack everything away in a dry condition – an improvement on some of our previous years!

By lunchtime, all work was finished and Roger departed with the last consignment of equipment for the store and we left the site with Amy, Sue and Rebecca mounting a rear-guard, awaiting Roger’s return to collect the final Kettlewell equipment. An almost cleared site, as the morning wound down – leaving another year’s worth of humorous anecdotes, of new contacts, opportunities to renew old friendships and to permit a host of memories of past years and of the many interesting people who have made CHW such a unique experience.

Phil Carroll, UWHG information Officer

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