Thursday, 8 July 2010

5. Week 1 - Monday 5th July

Digging Day 2 -
Today we welcomed three more new students from Newcastle University and Don began by giving us all a brief introduction to the CHW site. The challenge for the day then was to remove the stone pile from the top (west) of the site for the second time!

While the students were occupied with this, Michelle and Emily started to clean the loose soil left after we had removed the stones and polythene yesterday, and Ruth and Helen struggled to come to terms with “Bob” our new (and hated already!) Total Station. Fortunately there were no finds today!

Later in the afternoon when these tasks were almost completed, Roger, assisted by Don, showed us the intricacies of setting up base lines, right angles, taking into account the hill slope, etc, etc. with a practice demonstration achieved by 3 of the students.
Digging in earnest will start tomorrow and the forecast looks good.

Ruth Spencer

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