Wednesday, 28 July 2010

21. Wednesday 21 July 2010

We actually managed a full day’s work today, and even had sunshine in the afternoon. We received two visitors; the farmer's wife, who has always been interested in the project, came to see how far we had progressed, and our other visitor was David Thornton, the UWHG draughtsman, who inks up all the finalised plans.

The group was depleted as Phil was missing all day and Roger from mid morning – however, this did not diminish the amount of work completed and the day was most productive.

It was very much a planning day, with only a solitary figure excavating – but as this was Michelle, there were plenty of finds, for she was located in her favourite section of the “bone trench”…

Head down, trowel to hand, this was all we could see of Michelle – at times she disappeared completely from view!

Rebecca finally completed her marathon planning exercise within “DF” – ‘stone, upon stone, upon stone’ - much to her obvious relief. The rest of the planning went so well that we even managed to backfill one of the smaller trenches.

“Bob” and I were kept very busy plotting in the co-ordinates of all the plans that were being drawn.

Pat Carroll

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