Wednesday, 28 July 2010

23. Friday 23 July 2010

Just for a change, we can open with a photograph showing the Wharfe valley in full summer glory – looking down from the hollow-way towards the famous lay-by and the road from Kettlewell (Grass Wood to the right of shot).

In the foreground may just be detected evidence of recent back-filling activities in “DJ” and “DK” - two of the four trenches on the slope.

This was a work session mainly spent in recording the site, Roger even forbade Michelle to touch a trowel! - and for once she, and Phil, enjoyed the pleasures of planning!

We were able to take down one of the excellent ex-military tents we have employed this year and returned this and other surplus equipment to the store. Meanwhile, Don, Amy and Laura were mapping the lower section of the excavated field bank as it ran across the open field with the trusty alidade.

Dr Tim Taylor, Reader in Archaeology at the University of Bradford, visited and held long and animated discussions with Roger, focusing on possible interpretations of this complex site.

For the first time ever, on location, we were able to hand over a completed Finds Register to the Site Director – “so thank you Bob!”

Site Director and Site Surveying Machine “Bob” conversing earlier in the week

Our trusty band was daily shrinking as, for at the end of the afternoon, we said farewell to Michelle and Laura.

Pat Carroll

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