Tuesday, 20 July 2010

18. Sunday 18th July

Greetings from a bright and dry Haworth – some 20 miles due south of the CHW excavation site – we feel sure you will have guessed by this introductory line that something untoward has stopped play for today – to be honest, it did not even allow it to commence… Very low cloud sweeping down the Wharfe obscured the upper valley sides, everything from 150 metres (asl) or so was hidden from view and beneath this layer, heavy continuous sheets of rain fell. Roger and Don had discussed the prevailing inclement conditions and took the wise decision to abort the mission for today so team members could choose what they wanted to do with their time… we came home!

© Phil Carroll

This is the kind of photograph you may have received from the 250-metre level today had we ventured up to site and provided that we could find/see the tent, however there may have been fewer happy smiles!

Phil Carroll UWHG information Officer

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