Tuesday, 20 July 2010

16. Friday 16th July

Despite another ominous weather forecast, Roger, ever the optimist, insisted we "go up the hill". Sure enough the heavens opened and everybody crowded into the 2 tents, with the exception of Don, who appeared to like standing in the torrential rain. The time slipped by as various anecdotes were related by Roger.

Around midday we had a bedraggled visitor in the shape of Jennifer, a Masters student from York, who is reporting on the bone assemblage from CHW.

Don supervises students in the test pits © Jane Lunnon

After a delayed and leisurely lunch the skies did indeed brighten and we set to work continuing with planning, the test pits and DM. 4:30 saw the departure of the bulk of the Newcastle students and the site certainly seem a lot quieter with their absence.

Michelle takes Bob home for the night © Jane Lunnon

Jane, Debbie and Alan also sadly said goodbye to CHW and Michelle for 2010

Alan Williams

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