Thursday, 8 July 2010

6. Week 1 - Tuesday 6th July

Digging Day 3 -
Today started quietly with Roger taking everyone but Michelle, Ruth and Don to explore the northern end of the CHW complex. The three old hands began to dig below the lower wall and almost immediately Ruth, closely followed by Michelle, unearthed the first finds of the day.

On the return of everyone else, digging in earnest began and very soon the finds were coming thick and fast. Our Total Station “Bob” was much more co-operative today (or are we just learning how to handle him?), so I am sure that very soon, plotting the finds will be no problem.

No real excitement today; the weather kept fine for the most part, with just a few short showers and judging from the chatter and laughter amongst the diggers, everyone seems to be enjoying themselves.

Ruth Spencer

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