Tuesday, 20 July 2010

17. Saturday 17th July

Unlike week two, week three did not start with glorious sunshine, just the opposite!

The first half of the morning saw all the diggers huddled in the tent waiting forlornly for the rain to stop. Eventually the weather improved enough to allow work to start and although there were a few more showers, activity was possible for the rest of the day.

Excavation continued on the revetment above the bone passage, the grid of test pits under the tree and the area where the bank leading up from the field system possibly meets the front edge of the settlement. Meanwhile, Laura planned the vertical face of part of the bone passage

© Pat Carroll

The finds were as usual mainly bone and tooth, the most interesting find of the day being part of a shale bracelet. Fortunately, for the new finds team (Pat and Phil) it was not a very productive day, which gave them the chance to become happy and confident in the use of Bob, without any pressure.

Pat Carroll

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