Sunday, 25 July 2010

20. Tuesday 20th July 2010

After an almost complete working day yesterday, the activities on site today focused on recording - both through detailed planning and photography – below can be seen yet another old faithful – an image of Roger and his favourite step-ladder – a perennial sight on all our digs.

Work progressed well until mid-afternoon when heavy thundery rain drove us down the hill to the shelter of Ghyll Cottage in Kettlewell – situated alongside a raging Cam Beck surging over the rocks towards the Wharfe.

The rest of the afternoon was spent here in bone cleaning, observation of some of the earlier finds and checking the digital “Finds Log” – however, the flow of items excavated during the day has certainly lessened, and there is nothing to compare with Pete’s BBQ pit or Michelle’s major bone haul of recent years.

However, what we may have lost in the quantity of actual finds, we could well have made up in interrupted work sessions this year due to the rain squalls – even the occasional spring, down near the road, has resumed!

Phil Carroll, UWHG information Officer

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