Sunday, 25 July 2010

19. Monday 19th July 2010

Back to work at Chapel House Wood – now Week Three – Day Three and the excavation work continues across the whole site - still with the four different areas under close investigation.

The ever-increasing area of DF – known to so many from the ‘bone trench’ and the limestone pavement section downslope from the crescent shaped double walls.
Downslope, this photograph shows the three other smaller trenches (from left to right DM, DL and DK) below the hollow-way that cuts through the settlement site – in the distance, beyond the limestone scar, may be seen the original excavation area (DD) on the hillside.

Earlier CHW stalwarts will recall the “lunch tree” there and will be pleased to learn that both hawthorn trees are still doing well, despite our slight interference with their slow progress.

Phil Carroll, UWHG information Officer

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